Parliamentary elections and voting processes for Portuguese residents abroad is now underway.

Please consult this article for information on how to vote.

A letter with instructions on the voting process has been sent to your address, wherein there is a green envelope and a ballot so that you may express your vote in the parliamentary elections.

Excercise your right to vote in the following way:

  1. In the checkboxes, draw a cross on the correspoding political force, without drawing outside the bounds of the box.
  2. After, fold your ballot twice, place it inside the green envelope, and seal it without further bending the ballot inside.
  3. With the text of the instruction leaflet turned towards you, place a copy of your citizen's ID card and the green envelope in the center. Wet the sides of the envelope and glue them.
  4. With this complete, you may place the envelope in the mail, without a need for a stamp. Please be aware of the deadline that is in the instructions.
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