In view of the severe restrictions imposed by the Washington DC Authorities to contain the pandemic of COVID-19, as well as the instructions issued by the Deputy Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, the service for the public at the Washington Consular Section remains suspended until further notice.

We also remember that all existing appointments will be canceled, seeking to restore existing appointments as soon as it is possible to ensure public service again.

During the period of closure to the public, the Washington Consular Section will only ensure emergency response, as long as they are duly proven. These should be reported to the Consular Section's email address or to the Consular Emergency Office.

Emergency situations include the need of issuing a Single Travel Permit (TVU) or temporary passport, and support for the consequences of serious cases of traffic accidents or the like that may require the transfer of mortal victims and require the issuing of documents.

The issuing of travel or identification documents, the delivery of them, as well as civil registration and notary acts, are not considered emergencies, given the general confinement in force.

We appeal to everyone's understanding, bearing in mind that the measure is aimed at the general protection of the community.

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