General Information

Applicants for a passport must appear in person at this Consular Section of the Embassy of Portugal in Washington, DC.

To schedule an appointment with the purpose of requesting a passport, please consult:

Portuguese passports are issued to Portuguese citizens holding a valid Portuguese Identification or Citizen Card, who are registered at a Portuguese Consulate. If applicant is not registered he/she can be registered when applying for a new passport.

Applicants who do not hold valid ID or Citizen cards (or hold ID cards issued in Macao) must appear at the Consulate to sign and fingerprint ID card requisition forms. In such cases the passport can be requested only after the ID card is received from Portugal.

Passports may be renewed 6 months within date of expiration. The old passport cannot be returned to holder, unless it contains a valid visa, in which case holder will return it once visa expires. Passports are issued in Portugal and may take about 2 to 3 weeks for holders of ID or Citizenship cards, or 6 weeks to 2 months for those who must first request an ID card.

Passport validity depends on age of holder: 2 years from ages 1 to 2; 3 years from ages 2 to 5; 5 years from ages 5 onward.

Documents to Submit for Passport:

Valid Portuguese Identification or Citizen Card.

Minors (under 18 years old):

Both parents must be present and show a valid Portuguese ID/Citizen card or passport.  If parents are married and the marriage is registered in Portugal, only 1 parent must be present.  If divorced, parent holding custody must sign and submit legal proof of custody.

Marital Status:

Changes of name or marital status (due to marriage, widowhood or divorce) occurred since the last passport was issued, will be included in the new passport only if they appear on the I.D. or Citizenship card.

Mailing Instructions – Please add to the Consular fee of $11.00 for the document to be sent to you by Fed-Ex.  The Consulate is not responsible for documents lost in transit.

All customers who need consular attention are required to timely contact the Consulate, requesting appointment for a date and hour available. All information about procedures and documentation to be submitted will be provided, as well as expected costs.

tel: 202-332-3007

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