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This is our renovated web page, based on the pattern applied to all diplomatic and consular missions of Portugal. We hope that it will be a dynamic and attractive source of information about Portugal as well as a useful instrument for all those who share an interest for a country that is simultaneously an ancient nation with 900 years of history and a vibrant, innovative modern society. In addition to this page, we suggest following us on Facebook, at @PortugalintheUS.

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Due to the present pandemic, travel to and from Europe continues to be restricted.

Only passengers with valid and urgent reasons are allowed to travel and enter European countries, including Portugal. These reasons includ study, business and medical treatment purposes. For persons carrying a European visa, or going to live permanently with direct family (ex: spouses), entering in Europe is also permitted.

Please consult your airline to check if you can travel.

Rules pertaining to flights to and from Portugal (in Portuguese) can be consulted at: https://dre.pt/home/-/dre/145440397/details/maximized 


The National Program of Support to the Investment of the Portuguese Diaspora (PNAID), approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of July the 23rd, is intended to support Portuguese emigrants and people of Portuguese descent wishing to invest or expand their economic activity in Portugal, as well as national businesspersons wishing to internationalize their businesses in the Portuguese Diaspora.

Its four main strategic aims are: to support the return of Portuguese emigrants and people of Portuguese descent; to support the investment of the Portuguese Diaspora; to promote the territorial cohesion through the investment in the interior of the country; to foster the Diaspora as a platform for internationalization.

The PNAID will be implemented in four different areas: Supports and Incentives; Facilitation; Information and its Dissemination; Promotion, Allocation and Networks.

The Program also creates the status of the Investor in the Portuguese Diaspora and a Guidebook to the Investor in the Portuguese Diaspora.

Please read here the relevant press statement (in Portuguese only):



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